When criminal matters are involved – rely on a specialized firm in Edmonton

You don’t want to get put behind bars, or pay immense fines for a crime you didn’t commit. If you need to hire a lawyer when charged with a crime, make sure you turn to the highest rated criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton to handle your case. So, whether it is a DUI, drug charges, rape, murder, or some other crime you are charged with, you need to find the best local criminal law firms in Edmonton to handle the matter. When the time comes for you to hire the criminal law firms in Edmonton for your case, consider some of these factors so you can choose the right one.


1. Specialized area –
Your criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton has to specialize. From DUIs to drug charges, make sure this is the type of case law and criminal client they work with each day. Not only so they are familiar with the type of charges and penalties, but also to ensure they are going to know how to defend them, and to help you out when you are facing any of these charges as a client. No matter what the crime, hire a firm that specializes in that area of the criminal sector when hiring a firm.

2. Years in practice –
A specialist is the best fit for criminal cases, and, a firm which has 20 years experience, over one with 1 year of experience, is also the best way to go. When choosing a firm to represent you, consider their experience. How many trials have they been through? How many clients have they helped? Have they gone to court recently and are they familiar with new laws and regulations? Knowing the answers to all of this will make a difference in your level of defence, as well as the quality of the work they will do for you.

3. Do they win? –
Do you really want to hire a lawyer who is always losing cases for clients, or do you prefer one with a solid win percentage and great track record? As you are comparing firms, make sure you know what they do, how they represent clients, and what they can guarantee in terms of the end result or outcome of the case. When you compare a few of the best firms, not only will this give you a better idea as to how they are going to take on the case, but also what they are going to do to ensure the best outcome is the one which is going to be reached when they take on your case.

No matter what the charges or severity of the case, with criminal matters, you can’t leave things up to chance or hire any local general firm to work on the case. When you are looking for the best, you have to know what they do and what type of client these firms work with. These are a few of the many things you should consider, in order to ensure the best possible team is hired, when legal representation is needed for the criminal charges you are facing.

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