Probate Services in Calgary – The Work of a Probate Attorney

Losing a loved one is difficult and the time following their death is not pleasant at all. Using a living will helps you understand what your loved one would have wanted when it comes to last minute medical care. A probate attorney is a legal expert who, due to several years of education and training, has the ability to advise the personal representative/executor and/or estate beneficiaries on how to settle the affairs of the estate of the person who has passed away. Therefore, it is important that you hire the best probate services in Calgary. A good lawyer will help you with the financial sides of things, ensuring that the whole process is as smooth as possible. They will also ensure that matters are settled in the shortest time possible.

probate services

It is important to know exactly what probate refers to. Probate can be defined as the process of locating and establishing the value of the assets that are owned in the name of a deceased person under supervision of the court. In this case, this person is referred to as a decedent. After this is done, the final bills of the decedent must be paid off and estate taxes must be paid, as well (if applicable). The living will of the deceased should be followed when deciding on their end-of-life medical care. The bills from this are among the final bills of the decedent to be paid. Whatever remains after these payments are made is what is distributed to the heirs.

Probate lawyers spend several years studying and training in this specialty of law. This adds up to lots of experience in dealing with all various types of probate services in Calgary. These experts are also expected to sign up for continuing legal education courses to help keep them updated on the current trends and new developments in this area of law.

This type of lawyer is sometimes employed to offer advice and guidance to the beneficiary when it comes to legal matters and other financial matters that have been brought to their attention by the personal representative or executor. There are some many things to consider and deal with when it comes to a deceased person’s estate. For most people, trying to do all that should be done on their own, without the expertise of a probate lawyer, would be extremely stressful.

A probate lawyer does everything in their power and based on their adequate training and experience to advise and assist the executor on the most excellent course of action to take concerning legal matters, assets and debts of the decedent. When representing the executor, the attorney has to find and secure all probate and non-probate assets of the deceased.

This attorney offers other probate services in Calgary, as well. They must keep track of the checking account for the deceased’s estate and must address every issue relating to income tax. They also advise the executor on how to proceed concerning last bills and outstanding debts that should be paid by the estate.

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